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How Life Changes When You Delegate

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Sourced. provides four categories of service, including Marketing, Bookkeeping, Office Assistance, and Placement Services. What in your business would you like Sourced.'s help with?

When you are a business leader, there may come a time when people want to hear what you have to say about starting or running their own company.
When that day comes, will you be ready to write a speech detailing the secrets of your success? Do you know how to?
If n...

It is not unusual for owners to take on every task his or herself in the beginning stages of their small business. Usually this is because the funds aren’t there to pay other employees.
If and when business picks up however, there will be excess funds to begin hiring...

Whether your were a small business owner or not, you would do what you could to help put your children on the right career path. Since you are a small business owner however, you are in unique position to give your children career advice.
You know what it takes to st...

In a perfect world, everything would go swimmingly with your staff at all times and the office would be free of conflict. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and the same probably goes for your work environment. Every so often you will have to sit an employee down...

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